High Flow Agitator

High Flow Agitator

High Flow Agitator

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity : 01 Pieces

Product Description :

An agitator is a device used in a tank to combine different process media. Media comprise all forms of liquid, gases, and solids (such as salts, powders, granules etc). In essence, it imparts energy to the medium that interact and mix by rotating an impeller.

What Is High Flow Agitators?

Equipment called agitators is used to homogenise medium inside a tank. It functions by controlling the speed or revolutions per minute of the impeller's submerged end rotation (rpm). The work done by the impeller causes the medium inside the tank to flow and shear, which homogenises a single or multi-component media. The media are kept moving at a consistent rate and pattern.

High Flow Agitator Uses ?

When adding chemicals or combining pharmaceutical ingredients, an high flow agitator is utilised to combine various process media, including liquids, gases, and solids. The agitator generates energy mechanically by rotating a shaft on which an impeller with the necessary functionality is mounted. Axial pumping, gas induction, flocculation, high viscosity products, high and low shear mixing, etc. could all be examples of this. In the water industry, an agitator is also used to add various chemicals to source water to make it up to drinking water requirements.

Applications :

Particularly when corrosive and abrasive solutions are involved, the High Flow Agitators are unequalled in the market for high volume / low head pumping needs. is mostly applied in the following applications.

Agitation in digester for bio gas plant.

Evaporator and Crystallizer Circulation.

Phosphate, Soda Ash and Sodium Chloride Processing.

Sewage digester.

Raw water pumping, Flood control.

Black Liquid Evaporator, Chlorine dioxide generators.


Design :

High Flow Agitators produce flow through the push and lift of the propeller's rotating axial vanes. A pump elbow, or casing, directs the flow through the suction end and out the discharge end. Depending on the situation and the flange dimensions, it can use either a top or end suction configuration. Bolt circle and hole meet ANSI B16.5 150# requirements. The spinning pieces can be removed from the back pull-out design without damaging the pipework, making maintenance and repairs simple.

Available Model :
Nature of Business Manufacturer
High Flow Agitator Model HFA-6 to HFA-24 (DN 150 to 600)
Flow Range 100 m3/hr to 5500 m3/hr
Head Range up to 9 meter
Maximum working Pressure 10 Bar
Temperature Up to 250┬║ C