Submersible Agitator And Mixure

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Submersible Agitatorand Mixure

Submersible Agitator And Mixer

Submersible agitator mixers from Propeller Pumps can be used in a variety of industrial and sewage treatment facilities. In industries and municipal treatment facilities, they offer the appropriate solution to match mixing tasks for agitation, blending, mixing, dissolving, and suspension of solids.

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity : 01 Piece

Product Description :

Submersible Agitator mixers are used in pumping stations to prevent or shake solids depositions as well as to prevent superficial films at wastewater treatment facilities.

Homogenization of deposits in tiny treatment facilities or reaction tanks is another use for agitators. In agriculture, sludge storage, storm water holding tanks, and biological processes, submersible agitators with direct drives (TBM) are employed. A lifting pipe system guide can be used to complete the installation.

In sewage treatment facilities, low speed (AF) submersible mixers are employed to create flow and/or suspend solids. Low speed agitators keep active sludge flocs from sedimenting in anaerobic, denitrification, and activation tanks. Even when there are long fibres in the fluid, the propeller will self-clean due to the blades' inclination towards the back. According to the unique requirements of each process, our selection of submersible mixers can be equipped with propellers made of various materials (steel stainless, resin of polyester reinforced with fibre of glass).

The submersible mixers are effortlessly inserted into the tank using the lifting system. It permits the agitators to be individually positioned when used with an additional elevating device. The agitator can be oriented in the tank with the help of a ball in the lower support.

Conditions of usage :

The media's maximum temperature must not be higher than 45oºC.

Media has a pH between 5-8.

The medial density must not be greater than 1200 kg/m3.

Submersibles are only allowed to go down a maximum of 20 metres.

415V, 50 Hz is the electric power source.

The motor operates continuously, F class insulation, and in line with IP68.

The submersible combination needs to function fully submerged in water.