Solid Liquid Separator Machine (SLS)

Solid Liquid Separator Machin

Solid Liquid Separator Machine (SLS)

Description :

Solid-Liquid Separator is a machine composed by a feed device (Feeding hopper or a compensator tank depending on whether the material is conveyed mechanically or pumped), a separator casing including a screw conveyor and a cylindrical screen, a compacted solid material outlet module and one or two separated liquid outlets. The drive unit and basement complete the machine.

Function :

Solid-Liquid Separator is solids-liquids separating machine with screw conveyor and pump. Using both principles of separation, by gravity and squeezing, the machine is designed to separate the liquid phase from the solid phase in wild range of substances such as sludge, sewage, solid-liquid mixtures, vegetables, processing waste and others, where the percentage of liquid inside the solid is often considerably different. The separated solid and liquid phase can be handled in a easier and cheaper way.

Operation :

The machine receives the material to be separated and conveys it using the screw conveyor and pump inside the casing. The liquid phase is separated through the mesh of the cylindrical screen which encloses the screw conveyor and pump. Along its path toward the exit, the material gradually separates progressively the less lined liquid and then the more strongly linked liquid unit plug of almost dry material has formed before the outlet.

Applications :

Compliant with as wide range of materials and throughputs.

Optimized feeding tanks to compensator tank.

Outlet diaphragm for solid manufactured in anti-wear engineering polymer: cost saving in spares parts.

Self-balanced pressure at the solid outlet : steady and safe operation.

Self-cleaning screen : long life and high performance operation in time.

Modular screw manufactured in anti-wear engineering polymer: simple operation and cost saving in spare parts.

Continuous operation.

Quick return on investment.