Vertical Axial Flow Pump

Vertical Axial Flow Pump

Vertical Axial Flow Pump

Product Details :
Minimum Order Quantity : 01 Piece
Size: Up to 1200 mm Delivery
Capacity: 500 to 1,000,000 GPM
Head: 2 to 80 feet
Speed: 1780 RPM
Temperature : 0 to 95 °C (32 to 203 °F)
Maximum Pressure : 2 bar (26 psi)

Product Description :

Vertical axial flow pumps of the Propeller brand are made of sturdy, heavy-duty materials and are built to last in a wide range of applications where moving a lot of water at a low discharge pressure is necessary.

The units must be offered in a range of pumping configurations to satisfy the requirements of vertical pumping applications. Pump bowls with a diameter of 8 to 152 inches are offered by our vendors to satisfy these requirements. To generate the required discharge pressures, propeller bowls can be single-stage or double-staged in series.

Vertical hollow-shaft motors, vertical solid-shaft motors, right-angle gear drives from internal combustion engines, steam turbines, or horizontal motors can all be used to power vertical axial flow propeller pumps. Impeller-to-bowl clearances can be maintained when vertical hollow-shaft drivers are employed by turning an adjustment nut at the top of the driver. The impeller clearance is controlled by an adjustable connection when vertical solid-shaft drivers are used.

Applications :

Axial flow pumps are used to manage sewage from commercial, municipal irrigation, river input, and industrial sources. Extremely powerful axial flow pumps are used in fisheries and agriculture to elevate water for drainage and irrigation. Axial flow pumps are also employed as transfer pumps and for ballast in ships.

They are employed in power plants to pump water for cooling from a reservoir, river, lake, or ocean. They are utilised in the chemical sector for the circulation of huge volumes of liquid, such as in evaporators and crystallizers. Internal mixed liquor recirculation in sewage treatment frequently uses an axial flow pump.

Design & Features :

These single-stage propeller machines are a sort of suspended shaft vertical pump. The liquid is pushed by the impeller in axial flow pumps in a direction parallel to the pump shaft. Because they function almost exactly like a boat's propeller, axial flow pumps are occasionally referred to as propeller pumps. An axial flow pump's principal benefit is a comparatively high discharge at a relatively low head.

Both packing and mechanical seals may be used to seal drive shafts that extend through the discharge head. Additionally, a variety of discharge head types, including above- or below-ground cast iron or fabricated steel construction, are available from Propeller Pumps.

Special Features :

While with horizontal pumps the rated performance of the pumps is not realised due to losses in the suction line, foot valve, etc., the pump's rated performance is due to positive head at suction, which also contributes to the pump's excellent overall efficiency.

Since the liquid is led away from the axis of the shaft, vertical pumps are compact in design.

The pump never needs to be primed because the impeller is submerged, making it always ready to use.

In addition to preventing cavitation in the pump, the positive suction state also prevents impeller and diffuser pitting.

Additional Information :

Port of Dispatch : Ahmedabad, India.

Production Capacity : As per order.

Delivery Time : As per order.

Packaging Details : Export/cargo packing.