Dominant Industries

The AF model of propeller pumps is most frequently used in a variety of industries. The machine not only decreases the amount of labour and personnel needed, but it also significantly lowers the cost of manufacture.

The Industries That Dominantly Utilise The Offered Services Are :

  • Chemical –Evaporator and crystallizer recirculation.
  • Petrochemical- Polypropylene Reactors, Xylene.
  • Mining and Minerals- Phosphate, Soda Ash, Potash And Sodium Chloride Processin
  • Pulp And Paper Industry- Black Liquor Evaporator, Chlorine Dioxide Generators.
  • Also, the pumps are quite effective at lessening the effects of natural disasters like floods and river overflows. Also, the pumps can quickly and effectively move the debris from a marine blast to an appropriate spot, speeding up operations. Not to be overlooked, the pump is purposefully employed for pumping raw water, guaranteeing the farmers have access to water constantly.

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